Elaine Denise Garrod is our General Election candidate for Croydon South

Croydon and Sutton Green Party are delighted to announce that Elaine Denise Garrod has been selected as our General Election candidate for the seat of Croydon South.

Elaine said:

“I am really pleased to be selected to stand for the Green Party in Croydon South, to offer people realistic hope for the future.

Over recent years we’ve seen our country run into the ground – bills rising, businesses failing, and underfunded public services falling apart when we need them most.

As the COVID enquiry progresses we can see how the Conservative Government failed us when we needed them to be dealing with the pandemic. Sadly they are also completely failing us as we face the climate and ecological emergency that threatens the future of humanity.

But just getting the Conservatives out isn’t enough. The other parties are only offering tinkering around the edges, not real solutions to the problems we face.

That’s why I’m so proud of our Green New Deal policies. We are putting forward plans that not only tackle the climate emergency, they support small businesses, bring public services back into public hands, put money back into the local economy and back into people’s pockets. Our Green New Deal would make us a world leader in delivering a sustainable economy, an example to others and a country to be proud of.

We deserve better than the Government we have had, and we deserve better than the no-change options offered by the other opposition parties. If you want better, it’s time to vote for it. This time, vote Green.”

About Elaine

Elaine was brought up in in Croydon and has lived here most of her life.

Elaine has worked in both public and private sector during her career and she has run her own business. She currently works for an advisory and financial services firm that is focussed on helping business and capital accelerate the transition to net zero.

Elaine has taken part in a variety of voluntary community work including helping long-term unemployed people with their CVs and job interview techniques; helping women new to this country to learn English; and working with a national charity tutoring disadvantaged GSCE pupils.

In Croydon Elaine has been involved in a number of projects to improve our environment. She led work setting up the ‘Bee World’ garden at Heathfield House and recently helped fundraise for the Trees4Croydon scheme to get more trees planted in our streets and green spaces.


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